After about a year of serious thought of leaving my company and search in pursuit of a new opportunity I found it right here at [Company Name], getting a promotion to [Job Title]! One comment my manager made was that my resume was the best she had ever seen and that spans her 20 year career with several large, highly-respected companies. After my interview with her she said my personality and enthusiasm reinforced everything in the resume and made me the “slam dunk” candidate for the job. It was all a very exciting process.

Client Love

Your talent is amazing. Thank you so much for doing more than I could ever do myself. Merry Christmas to you and your team!

– Operations, Training, & Learning Manager

I couldn’t have said it better myself, actually I couldn’t even come close, that’s why I went to the expert. I don’t see a need to change anything. Thank you very much and it was a nice working with you again as well. – Logistics Manager

“In my wildest dreams my resume and cover letter could not have looked so amazing! I feel very hopeful for my job search now!” – Executive Administrative Assistant

“Samantha – WOW! It’s not often I’m speechless (just ask my husband!) but I am completely in awe of the resume and cover letter you created for me. I can’t thank you enough! Now…can you make the rest of my life look this good?!” – Communications Director

“Thank you!!!!!!! I’m loving my new job and it was the resume that got me in the door!!! HR mentioned more than once how impressed they were with the resume.” – IT Project Manager


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I could not think of a job that’s a better fit for my professional interests and talents. I know the cover letter and resume were a big part of my ability to overcome the hurdles involving being a distance candidate.

“Thanks so much! I received the finished resume. I love it. I have already recommended your company!” – Business Consultant

“Your team ROCKS! Sam was able to help me break down my skill set so that employers understood what I did in my previous jobs. Thanks so much for your help and wonderful work.”

Graphic Designer

Career Starter, Creative, Personal Branding

Creating a personal brand

Steven met me at an event I facilitated, an event he attended in order to learn how to craft an effective resume. After listening to my presentation and further reflecting on how he was going to present his experience on paper, he decided to contact me for help.

Steven had a varied background, mostly in the fitness industry. He had served as a program coordinator with a local branch of the YMCA in addition to running his own gym and personal training business for more than eight years. Steven had recently returned to school to complete his undergraduate degree—a degree he had started many years earlier—when, all of a sudden, his life had taken an unplanned turn.

Understand and target your audience

Dear Sam: I am an RN with 45 years of experience with the last 10 years as an RN Case Manager. In January of this year, I retired temporarily due to my husband’s illness as I needed to oversee his care…

“Thank you a ton! The résumé and cover look great – you are quite gifted! I would not only recommend your services to anyone in the job market, but also would go as far as to say that anyone who doesn’t use your service is putting themselves at quite a disadvantage!”
Dear Sam, Personal Branding, Resume Development

Meeting job requirements doesn’t make you unique

Dear Sam: I am trying to write my resume and am receiving conflicting advice on what to include. I am reading through job postings and the requirements for positions and attempting to ensure I include all of the requirements that are pertinent to my background. I wondered though, when a posting calls for a college degree—which I do not have—should I list my high school diploma? Also, I do not possess all of the technical skills required for some of the roles, but I am sure I can learn them quickly; what do I list in those instances? — Joe

“You make me look like a million bucks!”


“I just wanted to thank you for my résumé. It was a joy working with someone as professional and understanding as you. I appreciated the time you took while interviewing me to make sure the résumé was a complete and accurate reflection of my work history. I must tell you I have had great success using the résumé you created. I had responses from employers more than 75% of the time, which ended in an interview or job offer. Thank you for a great job.”
Intervention Specialist
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