Career Building. Résumé Writing. It’s All About the Process!

From beginning to end, Ladybug Design will help you through the job search process to secure success. When you reach out to us, a personal and personable voice will answer. Getting to know you is the first key to helping you make that successful next move in your career. From there, we will assist in building your personal professional portfolio that will best highlight your experience and other applicable accolades.

Below is what our résumé building process looks like.

Select the service(s) that are right for you and place your order via phone or through our website. You will be directed to a confirmation page welcoming you as our newest client and requesting your background documentation. If you do not have a résumé, here you will find our client questionnaire for you to use to provide us with your basic career history. If you have a résumé, you may use the questionnaire to supplement your submission if you feel that would be helpful.

Reply to the welcome email you will also receive with your completed client questionnaire (if applicable), along with any other supporting documentation (current résumé, performance reviews, letters of recommendation, etc.) you feel will provide us with a sense of who you are, what you have done, and where you want to go next!

Upon reviewing your documents, you will receive confirmation of your submission and notice of the résumé strategist who will be partnering with you.

Your writer will contact you to schedule a phone consultation, which we strive to complete within two business days. This is a one-on-one, in-depth exploratory call, directly with your writer, to talk about you, your background and your current career targets. Calls average 45-60 minutes, but there is absolutely no time limit.

The thorough writing process begins! After we are finished writing your custom résumé, it will go through our internal quality assurance and proofreading teams, ensuring you receive — within 7-10 business days from your phone consultation — a beautifully polished, perfect end product.

When complete, you will receive your résumé in all the versions needed for an effective search: Microsoft Word, PDF and Plain Text. This ensures access to the right files for emailing, printing and uploading to those applicant tracking systems searching your résumé for those all-important keywords. If you do have any questions or changes, no problem! Give us a call at any time. If not, then you are now all set to begin your job search.

A Time-Tested, Research-Driven Approach to Your Career Development

This process is specifically designed to help us help you highlight your skills, experience and education, while making you look fantastic on paper. Our trained strategists will work to make sure all bases are covered and ensure that you walk into your interview with your best foot forward.

Have a question regarding the processes of any other service we offer? Go ahead and give us a call at 614.570.3442 or 888.9.LADYBUG!

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